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In an attempt to make the Angry Bard feel at home, we have incorporated a selection of contemporary music from the Elizabethan and early Jacobean eras within the app.


These musical extracts play in three places:

● The Show My Score screen

The Score screen: for 80% and above

The Score screen: for less than 80%

The full list of songs and instrumental music appears below, grouped by composer. The color denotes the location and the number indicates the source, listed at the foot of the page.

John Dowland (1563-1626)

Awake Sweet Love (3)

Can She Excuse My Wrongs? (1), (18)

Come again sweet love (2)

Come away, come sweet love (15)

Come Sorrow (7)

Dear if you change (1)

Disdain Me Still (15)

His Golden Locks (3)

In Darkness Let Me Dwell (1)

Lacrimae – Flow my tears (5)

My Lord Chamberlain's Galliard (3)

Passion – Lady Hudson's Puffe (5)

Say Love if Ever Thou Didst Find (3)

Sorrow Stay (1)

Tell Me Dearest What Is Love (3)

What If I Never Speed? (18)

Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

Faine Would I Wed (14)

I care not for these ladies (4)

If Thou Longst (7)

It fell on a summer's day (4)

My Love Hath Vowed (14)

Oft have I sighed (2)

Rest Sweet Nymphs (with Francis Pilkington) (1)

When to her lute Corina sings (with Philip Rosseter) (1)

Galliardo (6)

A Gigg (6)

Wolsey's Wilde (1)

The Woods So Wild (6)

Wounded Am I Yet of us twain (9)

William Byrd (1539-1626)

Fairey Masque (20)

Full fathom five thy father lies (2)

Tell Me Dearest What Is Love (3)

Arise, Arise (2)

Blackbirds and thrushes (trad) (2)

The Dark Is My Delight (words by John

   Marston) (15)

Green Garters (12)

Greensleeves (12)

How should I your true love know Walsingham (9)

In a garden so green (4)

Lady Winkfield's Round (15)

The Lark in the Morn (2)

Martin Said to His Man (1)

My Lady Carey's Dompe (10)

Oxenford (1)

The Witches' Dance (18)

Anthony Holborne (1545-1602)
Thomas Hume (c.1579-1645)

Galliard: the fairy-rownde (11)

Galliard: The New Year's Gift (13)

Cease Leaden Slumber Dreaming (1)

Tobacco (4)

Robert Johnson (1583-1634)
John Danyel (c.1564-1626)

Coy Daphne Fled (3)

Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)

Ground (10)

Giles Farnaby (1563-1640)

A Toye (17)

John Coprario/Cooper (1570-1628)

O Sweet Flower (3)

Sweet Kate (1)

Robert Jones (c.1577-1617)
Thomas Morley (1557-1602)

Come Sorrow (7)

O mistress mine (2)

Who Is It That This Dark Night (3)

With my love my life was nestled (2)

Peter Philips (c.1560-1628)

Margott Laborez (19)

Francis Pilkington (1565-1638)

Rest Sweet Nymphs (with Thomas Campion) (11)

Thomas Ravenscroft (1582-1635)

Remember O Thou Man (8)

Philip Rosseter (1586-1623)

What then is love but mourning (2)

When to her lute Corina sings (with Thomas Campion) (1)

Thomas Weelkes (1574-1623)

Lo Country Sports (9)

To Shorten Winter's Sadness (8)

John Wilbye (1574-1638)

Sweet Honey Sucking Bees (16)


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